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  1. A C# Keylogger in 75 Lines

    A while back I was researching a way to check if a machine was being used so that it could be used in some computationally expensive processing if the machine was idle. I ended up using some WMI commands, but in the course of researching I wrote some code to …

  2. Generate List of Numbers in SQL Server 2008

    A new way to generate a list of numbers between 0 and 9999 in SQL Server 2008 using derived tables:

    select thousands.digit + hundreds.digit + tens.digit + ones.digit as number
    from ( select * from ( values ('0'),('1'),('2'),('3'),('4'),('5'),('6'),('7'),('8'),('9') ) as t(digit) ) ones
    join …
  3. PuTTY - Unable to Use Key File (OpenSSH SSH-2 Private Key)

    Taking my private SSH key off my Linux box to use on my Windows machine, I get the following error trying to make the same connection:

        Unable to use key file "C:\Program Files\PuTTY\" (OpenSSH SSH-2 private key)

    After several fruitless Google searches, it turns out you …

  4. Silverlight

    I came across a problem when using Visual Web Developer 2008 to develop for Silverlight. When adding an xmlns for your application to your UserControl, the compiler complains about a missing assembly reference.

            xmlns=" …
  5. Welcome

    Welcome to Brent Roady’s blog.  Yes, THE Brent Roady.